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Conference Report: NCHMA White Papers

The National Council of Housing Market Analysts (NCHMA) released two new white papers at its annual meeting last month, covering affordable assisted living and the challenges facing rural affordable projects.

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If You Print It, They Will Come

The last few years, America has seen increased interest in prefabricated housing construction, with materials produced and assembled off-site. The most innovative style within this construction subgenre has been 3D printing. While somewhat new and untested, the model is proving to reduce construction time and costs, making it worthy of consideration for affordable home developers.

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Housing USA: The Dilemma Facing LIHTC Siting

There has been a recent debate, inside and out of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) community, about where affordable housing projects should be built. Following negative press from NPR and ProPublica showing how a majority of units were going into low-income areas, legislators have called for state qualified allocation plan (QAP) adjustments to award credits to developers who build in nicer areas. The thinking is that by placing LIHTC tenants in mid- or high-income areas, they will have better access to good schools, jobs and amenities.

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Housing USA: A Flood of Investment Lands in National Landing

It’s rare that the financial forces of government and industry collide to an extreme degree in any one city neighborhood. As someone who’s traveled much of the U.S., I’ve seen plenty of divestment, even in places that are centrally-located. The area I’m profiling this month used to be somewhat like that, but has seen a flood of public, private and philanthropic capital that may cause it to eventually rival surrounding boomburbs in Northern Virginia.

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NH&RA Summer Institute

The United States, thanks to a combo of Coronavirus lockdowns, supply chain issues, tariffs and a rise in inflation, is seeing a spike in home material prices.

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